Download HERE Well it is isn't it ? yanno tis the season to be jolly tra la lalalaaaaaaa! Ughhhhh as much as I love Christmas its a lot of money and a lot of work especially when you have a small tribe like we do! But its all worth it ;P really it is pmsl try telling me that at 5 in the morning Xmas day and see if i will agree with you then !!!! Just a quick lil pressie I was playing around with...,.. a few weeks ago lol and my net is slowed so it has taken me this long to get it here. We went for a scan yesterday to check the baby and all looks fantastic , Rob and Sarah kept the sonographer amused for 40 minutes whilst she was doing the scan ... Sarah wants a sister and Daddy wants a son lmao so either way I think one of them will get what they want!!!! Even though Rob really doesn't care as long as its healthy pmsl and Sarah really doesnt care as long as its a sister !!!! Its been a shit week for us here I won't go into it all but drama drama drama ughhhhhh so didn't need it close to xmas but shit happens! We have a band job next weekend looking forward to that we have been practicing and learnt some new songs its been lots of fun ! Well enjoy the lil kit if you do have a play, Loads of love and huggles Renie / AusAngel


Very easy no plugins no scraps tut Give it a go !


Thankyou Kay the new tut is awesome and I have the tag safely tucked away!!
You can find Kays new tut Happy Holidays HERE