Halo! Party anyone ? lol

Hiya guys ...well mostly gals! Hope everyone is doing well. I have to say it again I am soooo missing PartyHouse I want msn groups back lol !!! Ive been checking out other blogs lately seeing as Miss Hayley keeps me out of bed til all hours and my mind will be up to creating a few new tuts hopefully as soon as I get me some sleep pmsl. Until then I am checking out tuts by other very talented designers and scrap kits .. and am gunna give a few tuts a shot tonight in all my spare time pmsl. I will be offering the tags I make once again BUT only through the partyhouse shares google group at this stage.... I hope anyone who is interested in sharing tags, scraps, tubes all things psp will join in with us and make a group happen again I am soooooooooooo sick of fiddling in aimoo and yuku they are both crap! and am yet to find half the people I used to tag with :( Ive been very busy making jams and jellies and keeping out of mischief although I do have to say I'm well overdue for Rob and I to hit our special place and have a night or two away from it all its been over a year already!
We have a band job next weekend so it definately won't be then but we will be definately hitting the city before too long , just need to find someone I trust to care for Hayley for a weekend lol . My Dad is in Sydney RPA hospital atm awaiting an operation so fingers crossed he makes it through well enough for our family to take him and Mum out for their 40th anniversary next Sunday.
Well any who anyone still wanting help with anything psp .... if my memory doesnt fail me it seems so long since i used the program but desperately missing it lately lol, I am here to help out just email me or leave a message anyone else who is interested in Partyhouse the link is here come jopin in the more the merrier. The only thing we do not share and i say again WE DO NOT SHARE is PTU©. We do share adult AC to EAC shares so beware !!!! same goes with tags lol we are an 18+ group. come join in and have fun for pretty much anything goes fun , friendship and psp-aholics! just like Partyhouse used to be.
Much love n hugs Renie aka AusAngel