okay so someone created a monster !! If you take a look on my side link section I now have a list of my new tutorials. Take a look none of them are hard!!!!! FUN IN THE SUN COWGURLS DO BOTTOMS UP THAT VOODOO YOU DO TEACHERS PET PIRATE PLEASURE Good afternoon from NSW Australia to you all. So I got creative and finally wrote some tuts Ive been promising myself I would get to for a while now. Robs away tonight so i have a little time til i go to bed after the tribe hit the sack. anyways take a look at the tuts and let me know what you think!! OR if there are any problems Huggles Renie


Good morning from Australia to you all, Something a little different from a general western theme. A couple of stitched lines , a lasso, wordart, frames, paper etc.The colour scheme i came up with when i got the Garv bullrider tube and i have been making this kit here n there ever since lol.Please don't rip apart my kits or share in groups they are all easily accessed from this blog... thankyou and happy tagging!!
love and huggles from cold but sunny country NSW Australia
AusAngel / Renie


WHOOT OKAY sooooooooo here's the add on to my beach baby kit! Chairs ,swirls, beach balls and frames . I really had fun making this so I hope you enjoy playing with it!
Huggles n Love to you all
Have a great weekend
Regards Renie / AusAngel


I must be in a singing Mood I have got the Beach Boys song beach baby ringing through my mind and I havent heard it for years!!!! What a productive day Ive had . I have completed two new tuts Ive been meaning to get to for ages and finished the Beach Baby taggers kit. Ughhhhhh which means Ima hafta do my course for the rest of the week so if I go missing you know why lol. The kit is choccas full too much to preview properly with my patience level this afternoon .... Sunnies , beach towels, buttons, bows papers, beach totes, a floatie an umbrella, bikinis and flowers There will be an extras pack to this kit later in the week with Frames etc
PLEASE DO NOT change file names or take credit for my work TUT WRITERS -If you wish to use my kits in a tut just leave a message with a link to the tut in my shoutbox I love to see my creations being used!!!! a link to my Blog with the kit name would be great no one visits me here lmao Well the kids are home from school and girls group so Im off You all have a wonderful week !!! stay safe and enjoy the new kit. Its getting bloody cold here think its time i lit the heater. Rob won't be home for at least another hour he was away last night I can't wait for him to walk in the door!!! Love n Huggles to you all Regards Renie /AusAngel


I have posted the Pirate tut today that Ive been promising for two weeks If anyone has any problems or think it is to hard to follow please do let me know I can't read minds..... Lucky for you hey lmao. I have also added the quick animation tuts I post In partyhouse to teach basic animation etc I will keep adding them as Igo. Also whilst Im on the subjest of adding stuff I have added a template section. If you use templates in your tags feel free to snag away!!!! Ive been working On a new kit or two... Im stuck between them both lmao . But Im sure I will get them finished soon. Ive had the crappiest week!!!! We found out we lose in excess of 300 dollars a fortnight plus our HCC next month due to the new budget coming in .....People who voted for the new government who is supposedly in the interest of working class families would be bitterly disappointed atm. Im really peeved and not sure how long we will be able to keep the net after the new financial change. Its hard enough paying for it now without losing in excess of 600 dollars a month PLUS having to pay full price for medical and pharmaceutical. I think I will just have to try find a job around here... theres no employment close by will have to travel at least 50 minutes to work to and then again from and put Miss Sarah in care which really sucks I love staying home with her.... and being here for the other kids when they get home from school and being here for Rob......We will see what happens. What really peeves me is if we earn extra money we have to pay more money as maintenance for Robs two girls so we wont be any better off by the time we TRY pay for petrol and extra maintenance and child care........ Ughhhhhh almost enough to drive a person to drink sometimes!!!!! Well I've had my bitch now lol sorry ...... I'm sure it will all work out ... fingers crossed. Have a great day everyone and where ever you are in the world TAKE CARE Love N Huggles Renie / AusAngel


Phew time to sit and drink a cuppa or at least wait for the kettle to boil and say G'day to you all!!!!. We had a huge week between kids birthdays (Miss Kaitlin turned 11 on the 18th and Robs baby brother Darryl turned 21 the same day) and another coming up tomorrow (josh is turning 8) then practicing and making sure all the music gear was working and ready for Saturday night we just didn't stop hardly at all.
Rob and I done a band job on Saturday night at Tomingley ... it was fun and something different for me I really don't like the stage so I was relieved to see we didn't have to stand up on stage . I think Robs more impressed than I am lmao he finally got me to play bass in public last time i tried i froze and couldn't even pick so I was a lot worried .. BUT I didn't freeze and I enjoyed the night out it wasn't really anything new almost 5 hours playing is about what we do here at home in our lounge room a few days a week. The job went well and the publican definately wants us back !!!!.. Then yesterday we took the kids and my parents in to a country music muster in Parkes the kids and Rob sang and like i said I'm not keen on the stage I took the bass but didn't get up lmao nothing worse than playing in front of critics ... Mum and Dad had a great time and even Sarah went up with her little guitar and played on stage with Rob and the kids I had to remove her when she got bored and started poking Katie in the leg and her butt with her guitar whilst Katie and Brieanna were singing Proud Mary lmao but she had fun..

I have a quieter week this week (I HOPE) so maybe a little time to write that tut I keep promising the Partyhouse members . I have been preparing it but real life just got too busy for the moment!. Ive added a new Templates page there will be more templates added later this week Have fun playing with them !. Well Im off for now I have a cuppa to make and the last of my house to clean . Its getting cold now winter has finally found us so Im not going outside today at all if i can help it lmao except to check the mail .
Have a great week everyone and stay safe I hope this finds you all well!!
All my love and best wishes
Renie / AusAngel


Hello everyone , its been a while !!!

Ive had a hectic few weeks Miss Sarah turned two on Sunday and with life dramas / teenagers lol well time on psp has been limited my minds elsewhere. Rob has a band job on next weekend so that means extra practice which I love . He wants me to join him and play bass on the night we will see ... Im not a performer I hate being the centre of attention or even close !! I get stage fright ... Im one of those people thats never in front of the camera

I have a new small kit for you all today and Im dedicating it to my long time friend Sue who gifted me with the new Garv pirate tube this morning !!!

THANKYOU HONEY.... now I just have to find time to tag !!!! Im addicted to his work its awesome!

Anyways the kit is something new for me and just for fun hope you enjoy it !!!!

Great big Hugs to you all stay safe and have a great month! To all my friends overseas who are on tornado watch stay safe , Im thinking of you .Its now winter here in Australia but it hasn't been cold really we had our first frost this morning... Robs out weeding the vegie garden so i best make myself look useful lmao Lord only knows how Im gunna do that hehe* Have a great one all

Kisses n Huggles from me to you

Renie / AusAngel