I have posted the Pirate tut today that Ive been promising for two weeks If anyone has any problems or think it is to hard to follow please do let me know I can't read minds..... Lucky for you hey lmao. I have also added the quick animation tuts I post In partyhouse to teach basic animation etc I will keep adding them as Igo. Also whilst Im on the subjest of adding stuff I have added a template section. If you use templates in your tags feel free to snag away!!!! Ive been working On a new kit or two... Im stuck between them both lmao . But Im sure I will get them finished soon. Ive had the crappiest week!!!! We found out we lose in excess of 300 dollars a fortnight plus our HCC next month due to the new budget coming in .....People who voted for the new government who is supposedly in the interest of working class families would be bitterly disappointed atm. Im really peeved and not sure how long we will be able to keep the net after the new financial change. Its hard enough paying for it now without losing in excess of 600 dollars a month PLUS having to pay full price for medical and pharmaceutical. I think I will just have to try find a job around here... theres no employment close by will have to travel at least 50 minutes to work to and then again from and put Miss Sarah in care which really sucks I love staying home with her.... and being here for the other kids when they get home from school and being here for Rob......We will see what happens. What really peeves me is if we earn extra money we have to pay more money as maintenance for Robs two girls so we wont be any better off by the time we TRY pay for petrol and extra maintenance and child care........ Ughhhhhh almost enough to drive a person to drink sometimes!!!!! Well I've had my bitch now lol sorry ...... I'm sure it will all work out ... fingers crossed. Have a great day everyone and where ever you are in the world TAKE CARE Love N Huggles Renie / AusAngel

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