okay so someone created a monster !! If you take a look on my side link section I now have a list of my new tutorials. Take a look none of them are hard!!!!! FUN IN THE SUN COWGURLS DO BOTTOMS UP THAT VOODOO YOU DO TEACHERS PET PIRATE PLEASURE Good afternoon from NSW Australia to you all. So I got creative and finally wrote some tuts Ive been promising myself I would get to for a while now. Robs away tonight so i have a little time til i go to bed after the tribe hit the sack. anyways take a look at the tuts and let me know what you think!! OR if there are any problems Huggles Renie

2 Responses to “NEW TUTORIALS”:

  1. Jean says:

    I love your tutorials, they are terrific and so easy to follow. Well done, I hope that you continue making them, hugsss, Jean

  2. Thankyou Jean I try explain as best I know how BUT always appreciate any comments so I can make them better. Im no expert psper I can't follow tuts to save myself lol my concentration level is somewhere between 0 and -02. I havent been taught I pretty much learn by trial and error mostly ERROR lots and lots of them but I get there in the end. If I can anyone can!!
    Love and Hugs to you Thankyou for your comment

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