Phew time to sit and drink a cuppa or at least wait for the kettle to boil and say G'day to you all!!!!. We had a huge week between kids birthdays (Miss Kaitlin turned 11 on the 18th and Robs baby brother Darryl turned 21 the same day) and another coming up tomorrow (josh is turning 8) then practicing and making sure all the music gear was working and ready for Saturday night we just didn't stop hardly at all.
Rob and I done a band job on Saturday night at Tomingley ... it was fun and something different for me I really don't like the stage so I was relieved to see we didn't have to stand up on stage . I think Robs more impressed than I am lmao he finally got me to play bass in public last time i tried i froze and couldn't even pick so I was a lot worried .. BUT I didn't freeze and I enjoyed the night out it wasn't really anything new almost 5 hours playing is about what we do here at home in our lounge room a few days a week. The job went well and the publican definately wants us back !!!!.. Then yesterday we took the kids and my parents in to a country music muster in Parkes the kids and Rob sang and like i said I'm not keen on the stage I took the bass but didn't get up lmao nothing worse than playing in front of critics ... Mum and Dad had a great time and even Sarah went up with her little guitar and played on stage with Rob and the kids I had to remove her when she got bored and started poking Katie in the leg and her butt with her guitar whilst Katie and Brieanna were singing Proud Mary lmao but she had fun..

I have a quieter week this week (I HOPE) so maybe a little time to write that tut I keep promising the Partyhouse members . I have been preparing it but real life just got too busy for the moment!. Ive added a new Templates page there will be more templates added later this week Have fun playing with them !. Well Im off for now I have a cuppa to make and the last of my house to clean . Its getting cold now winter has finally found us so Im not going outside today at all if i can help it lmao except to check the mail .
Have a great week everyone and stay safe I hope this finds you all well!!
All my love and best wishes
Renie / AusAngel

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