Pressie for Judy

Hiya honey just so you know I'm thinking of you a new tag ! lol  lil naughty but kept me out of mischief for a while
Huge hugs to you and stay safe xoxox

Choc Addiction Mini Taggers Kit

Download HERE

Just a quickie to let you all know I'm still alive.Only a few basic papers a frame which i love and a few treats along with two wordarts. Non alcoholic but cheers anyways !!!
 No tuts finished yet thank google changing pages for that lol I'm lost . Its a tough day just killing time. Looking forward to the gig at Stuart Town tomorrow night. Bringing in the New Year and spending the first hours of it with my absolutely positively wonderful other half .


also its a preview for my new tut "First to Score"which I'm slowly but surely writing and its VERY easy most of the hard work is done for you !

Anyone want a tag ?

Offering this tag and a few others through partyhouse tonight. My hearts going nuts my heads spinning and Ive come to the conclusion no one But Rob will ever understand me pmsl so tag I will ...... want one email me .Bahahaaaaa I may not have tagged for freaking ages but I still got it babeeeee lol Judy ones on its way I know you want one mwaaaaaaaaah xoxox