Well Christmas is almost here and Ive done sweet F***. A** towards it really, online and/ or offline . oh and btw Hello to everyone out there on the WWW... Its been a while so thought I would air my views on the world we are currently living in. My teen / adolescent daughter has kind of moved away from home and into my sisters . She told me she was going for a week or two and isn't coming home at all and whats worse i had to read it on the net she hasn't even told me and she won't admit it ... shoulda called this post * how to not bring up teens pmsl(im not really laughing )* The things i thought i would be doing with my teen / almost adult daughter is being done with my sister now and lets be completely honest Im really f**king pi$$ed :at BOTH of them my so called sister who I think should have had the decency to call and let me know what they are up to or even ask if i approved of Jessie being there would have been a nice start..... not to mention I am very hurt but shit happens hey !? see I warned y'all im in a whinging mood !!! can ya tell ? stop reading now if you have a weak heart lol.. We have had the crappiest few weeks I mean seriously you wouldn't believe it if I spilled the whole lot and I probably will :.....Rob lost his job a few weeks back and being a skilled labourer / truck driver lol and muso ( like y'all dint know that already) we live in a crappy hole of a town with absolutely NO JOBS though one place thinks there may be a position after christmas so atm Robs going stir crazy here at home putting up with me , Sarah thinks it is great she has her Daddy home and in the mean time Daddy is going slowly insane lol. Thats still not the worst of it all we gets a letter telling him he isnt entitled to any income support til the end of January. Which means we have little to none of the money we expected to get us through Christmas. We don't expect handouts but seeing as Rob has gone all his life not claiming benefits or help from the government a little help would have been helpful, especially seeing as he has applied for jobs day in and day out, living in the shithole town is just too far out of the way and I reckon most won't employ him simply because of the distance he has to travel twice a day to get to work.So we decided lol no wait Rob said at dinner tonight f it if he has no job after xmas we are moving ..... hmmmm isnt as easy as one would think when we have a small tribe to move along with us ... but n e ways ..... pmsl just found myself thinking now what else can i b*tch about before Im done !!! funny enough I even found something else without trying .... wait for it .... Rob's EX (insert really pi$$ed off face here) She informs us this week that she is definately moving in with her .... ahem .... partner / lesbian lover ... dont get me wrong I have no problems with gays or lesbians I just think she should have decided she wanted to become a lesbian BEFORE she brought two little girls into the picture.... but you still havent read the worst of it they are not just moving in together she is taking the girls over 400 km 's away so not only does she take the girls away from us but on the same hand want to dump them here for weeks on end this xmas break (... can you believe a mother doesnt even want her xmas access visit with her own children .... christmas is about the kids in our house I don't know what the hell she is thinking but it sure as hell doesnt involve children ..)but we can't possibly afford our fortnightly access visits when she goes next Friday (anyone got a spare bullet ....? um just curious lol) see i warned y'all .... didn't I ? I think im outta things to b*tch about now ... well out of things I care to air on the net anyways .... pmsl oooooh Rob just reminded me Ive lost my sex drive ...sheeesh can't imagine why !!!!! oh yeah and Im now taaa daaa into my 27th week of pregnancy and feel like a beached whale with growing problems and I do mean GROWING im huge ! and very little water pmsl ..i gotta roll myself outta bed.. (thanks Rob for reminding me ...ahem ) so on a good note Robs sister Leisa is down from the sunny top end of Australia for a few weeks and is having a baby ! see im not the only silly one lol.... Sarah is stoked Leisa has two daughters so Sarah gets to play with someone her own size for a change it was cute Sarah is looking forward to visiting with them in town again so I imagine Saturday night (which is Robs Mums 50th ) is going to be very tiring and Leisa's partner is looking forward to having a jam with Rob not jam on toast jam I meant like music jam session see a lil slow these days ... sooo we are gunnah be busy ! I got cooking to do tomorrow so little to no time but hopefully will find a lil moment to psp ... mabeeeeeeee my net is slow as again this month we blame Sarah and her addiction to youtube for the speed being eaten up so fast this time...and we have a band job on New Years Eve we have to practice for and a I need all the practice I can get .... but i will try..... im not sure the world needs another xmas kit from me .... so ima hafta think of some other way of being creative... so i guess I will shut up now and go shower but I will be back within the next few days with some sort of pressie for you all... Thanks for reading and thankyou to everyone who has downloaded kits etc and left thank you's makes it worthwhile !!!... if you got this far and havent fell asleep you deserve a break about now lol ... loads and loads of love n huggles from Australia .... Renie / AusAngel


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