Hello and welcome to all its 2009 can you believe it time sure flies when youre having fun .... or not lol. Well 2008 had lots of downs and a few ups and I gotta say Im not unhappy to see the last of it! On the upside all that practice finally paid off lol and we are due to have baby Charlton in hmmm a little over 9 weeks.
We lost a daughter to adolescence i still find it hard to believe turning a certain age can have such an impact on a child but it has and it hurt like crazy but life goes on and shes moved out and on whether her direction is upwards I don't know in fact I don't know anything all I know is she told me she was going away for a week or two and now i read on the net that she is never ever coming home and is glad to see the back of us and say goodbye to her horrible life we gave her cos' its time to move on. Would have been nice to have been told by somebody seeing as Ive asked time and time again and its all been denied but I guess life deals it many different ways and shit happens. See there really is a down side to being a parent.
The rest of the gang are all doing really well and growing so fast Miss Emma turns 15 the day before Australia Day im living in hope she stays grounded and doesnt lose sight of who she is and what she wants from life but one can only hope and be here for her.
Rob and I celebrated New Years by doing a band job at the Rabbit Trap hotel about 110kms away from us and I got to test drive my Christmas pressie that Rob brought me Im loving it see my new bass!! cool huh!! We had a fantastic night even with my expanding belly and Rob as always sang very well and gave his guitar an absolute thrashing .
Well its bloody hot here atm and I have psp open BUT before i play I have another load of washing to hang out ! Heres to a much happier New Year and I look forward to sharing more creations with you all and spending a bit more time around the net I feel Ive lost touch a little on here with all thats happened lol Maybe even get around to getting married before the end of this year if all goes to plan!!!
Love and best wishes from my family to yours AusAngel / Renie

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