Ive been playing with these two colours for months now and just got lost as to what to do with it ..I love the results and I hope you enjoy playing with them ...If you would like to share your results please email them to me HERE I would love to see what you do with them and maybe even share them on a slideshow here . Have a fantastic day everyone no matter where in the world you are ... and Karen "Get well soon honey" I got the flu as well so reckon I may find myself back in bed for a while the kids are all off to school and Rob is home he has his two girls over early from Dubbo this week so he can mind them and Sarah lol while I be lazy and rest off this damned flu. Its winter in a few days time and I'm so not looking forward to the colder days autumn has been nice so I'm not complaining! But so looking forward to summer again lol.
Love and Huggles to you all!!!! Stay safe and if you are off driving this weekend stay safe
Regards Renie

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