LMAO okay a little dramatic BUT OCEAN GIRL* NEW* tut is finally up. Sorry for the delay I have the worst flu and so does Sarah and Rob ohhhhhhhh joy!!!! last day of school for two weeks for the kids today umm yay lmao school holidays and the flu floating around the house isnt near as much fun as it seems ... Josh , Brieanna and Kaitlin all went off to crazy hair day at school with glittery teased hair with yellow polka dots... Brieannas hair is going to be a nightmare to get the teasing out of tonight so not looking forward to that but they all looked so cute !my yellow fingers and hairbrushes will never be the same again ! I hope everyone is feeling better than i do atm. Have an awesome day and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE CELEBRATING TODAY!!. Stay safe drink but dont drive or vice versa but stay in one piece and enjoy your holiday. Loads of love to you all! Renie

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