You may have noticed I have added a terms of use to the site. This is mostly for people who use my scrap kits for tutorials.
I have recently found several tutorials using my scraps without letting me know. I dont think I was being unreasonable when i requested that I get an email or link left. The reason I would like to know who is using the scraps for tutorials is so that if ever the files go missing from my 4shared folder and I need to reupload them i can let everyone know so that their tutorials can still be used with new links etc. I have added two of the tutorials I have found if you are linking to my site for any reason it isnt hard to leave a quick message. PLEASE DO SO! I hope you are all enjoying the kits and tutorials I will have more kits for you in the very near future so keep checking back . Ive had pc problems lately so have been a little slack but slowly getting it together now so bear with me!!! Loads of love and huggles and kindest regards Renie / AusAngel

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