I must apologise still havent got to the kits or the tutorials !!! But Robs night away in the truck tonight and Im opening up psp for the large part of his absence lol. What a sh*t of a day Ive had but a great week. Possibly won't get it online til tomorrow sometime though. My morning sickness isnt so bad atm still there but heaps better which is nice and my house appreciates it because its nice and clean atm ! lol.Sure fire / fool proof method of keeping your mother in law AWAY have a clean house and they never turn up but you can bet your a$$ as soon as it looks untidy she'll be there pmsl! This week I opened my facebook and found long lost cousins ... well one in particular but Ive found lots of them and Im completely stoked! We go on holidays for a week as of Monday morning so i will not be around at all!. But before that Rob and the children are participating in the PCMA festival talent quests and busking a little really depending on how energetic we all get !. Good news I got a belated bday pressie or several pressies this week. Boots that wont kill my feet and a video camera ! so hopefully I can work out how to use it pmsl and capture some stuff to show you all. Its Robs birthday Thursday he will be 32 !!! to my advantage lol you know the saying youre only as old as the one your feeling !!!! hahaha. Well best hang a load of washing out and organise dinner for the kids then I will be back if not with tuts and kits will be back with something to show Ive made some kind of effort lol. Gotta love me ! Love and Hugs to you all Renie / AusAngel

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