Good evening all from Australia and welcome to my blog and our big
13 weeks and three days pregnant and over the moon.
We have been trying (yes TRYING) to fall pregnant since Miss Sarah turned one our baby is healthy and growing normally and we are absolutely stoked so are the children.
I know you all probably think "heavens how can you get so excited you have heaps of kids" ...
Well we are and for those who aren't happy for us , then I guess that's not our problem its yours and we are sorry you feel that way I guess you could ask yourself why you AREN'T happy for us ... We don't ask anyone to babysit for us and we are responsible for our own children so it shouldn't really bother anyone.
We have known the whole time just haven't told anyone except a few very close to us and now we have decided to tell everyone so here we are.
We had scans and blood tests today and all seems to be going well. The most AMAZING thing .... the baby is laying arms laid back near its shoulders and drinking you could see its tiny mouth moving and drinking fluid in . Ive never had an ultrasound quite like it and now we're even more excited and cant wait til March. So there you have it congratulations to us !!!
After the year and a half we have had seems most things are looking up still a ways to go but we are getting there finally and still as much in love or more as we ever were...
So thats it our big / HUGE news *grins
Loads of love n Huggles from RobNRenie

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