First to my partner Rob ( I LOVE YOU BABY) who put up with me when i got really pi$$ed then just overwhelmingly upset over losing all my psp files and ptu tubes. Lucky he loves me or he would have disowned me i tell ya lol !!! Then to my Dear friend Judy and her friend Tammy who have helped me get back on track. A SPECIAL mention to two imaging / PTU tube companies AMI and CILM who didnt have any problem helping me retrieve everything I lost!!!! I am so grateful for all the offers and all the help to get some of the lost stuff back I was so looking forward to setting up this new pc and just putting everything where it should be unfortunately not only did i lose my IBM i also lost my 120GB external hard drive which i had everything backed up on so as you can imagine i was pretty peeved by it all.... one thing will come out of it pmsl my new pc is way better organised lol but with 640GB of storage i have room for a lil mess. Well i will stop raving now and get on with downloading more files so i can get creative again ... I didnt realise how much work goes into setting this up Im now doing what took me 3 years to do in a very small space of time....wish me luck lol.. Love and Huggles form my family to yours !! Renie aka AusAngel

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